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Members Flea Market

This is an idea I have had for a while and I would like to hear your feedback. Please leave me comments.

Suppose that we had a section of this website that permitted registered members to post items for sale? There need not be any charge for it, since the work of creating the ad and posting it would be done by the member. Here is how it might work.

A “signed in” member would click on this hypothetical Want Ad tab and then then click on post and then like I am doing now, they would type in their advertisement, and of course, add a picture or two and give the contact method of their choice. This would be a tiny bit like Craigslist, but on a far more local level. Payments would always be between buyer an seller and not ever online. Your have to meet to make the exchange.

The ad could be viewed by anyone on the site, although you should consider that the most likely purchaser of your stuff is someone else in GSA, since they are nearly the only real people who ever come here. As an alternative, we could make the want ads exclusive to registered members. The only reason to do that would be to allow you to restrict who can see your contact information. With some thought, it might even be possible to have it both ways!

I assume that we would want the ads to be for “boat stuff”. How should we regulate that? It really isn’t intended for selling your business products and services.

Would you want the ads to be searchable? Probably easy, but I am not sure.

Would you want the ads to expire and then disappear? Again, probably easy but I am not sure.

Please leave comments. If you don’t see the comment box below, click on the title of this post.

3 comments on “Members Flea Market”

  • MDsailor says:

    I’m a former member of GSA; now a member of King Harbor Yacht Club in Redondo Beach, California.
    I would like to know what response you got to your idea of a members’ flea market. I like the idea, and if it brought a positive response from GSA members, I’d like to steal it and propose it to KHYC members.
    Jerry Mathai

    • Narlin says:

      Jerry. I have had precious little feedback from members on this idea. It appears that they lack interest, although they certainly want to part with boat stuff frequently enough. My problem is that many of our members are e-literate and due to advanced age they probably aren’t going to change. If you can use the idea, go for it. I would like to hear back from you after some time to see how it works out.

  • MDsailor says:

    Narlin — So far, the response has been less than enthusiastic.

    I didn’t think about it earlier, but our website is not interactive; members cannot respond. According to some people, this means developing a new website. Not a popular option. Also, some reminded me that Craig’s list already fills the need.

    There’s a meeting next week, and I’ll mention it again, but I am not hopeful.

    Thanks for your interest.