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Family Cruise and Cruising Guides

Annually Glenmar does one major summer cruise, which is often named “the Family Cruise”. We go to various ports, usually but not exclusively, on the Chesapeake Bay and we have group tours, anchorages, marinas, and parties for at least a week and often two weeks. Since these are carefully planned events, the sailing locations, anchorages and activities are known in advance and these are published (solely by member Jack Janos) in a “Cruising Guide” which helps participants to navigate in both time and space during the cruise. These guides are certainly not a requirement to participate and some members who have quite good knowledge of the destinations do not bring one along. However, they are very useful, especially to someone who has not been into a particular anchorage previously. Prior Glenmar Cruising Guides may be viewed at the links near the bottom of this page.

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