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Portsmouth Brunch

The Portsmouth sailors had a very successful organizing brunch at the home of Terry Westhead and Mark Roesner last Sunday. There was a lot of food but somehow we ate most of it. A few changes were discussed about starting location and boat storage at the sailing center, but I will leave those details to the Portsmouth Captain.

Grandparents Cruise

Ahoy Glenmar!
This year’s Grandparents Cruise is earlier than in the past. Please see below for the details:
Date: June 22-23, about noon to noon
Place:  Worton Creek, outside on/near the sand spit near marker 5
Activities:  rain gutter regatta, rubber ducky dash, swimming, kite flying, visiting with friends, homemade ice cream, and other fun stuff
Theme:  Star(ship) Wars
Eats:  Saturday evening beach cookout for the group

We hope you’ll join us, with or without kids!  Please send the following to Meg Conners by Thursday the 20th so that no one will be left out:
Boat name; captain/crew; number of other adults; number of kids, their names and ages

Hope to see you there!

Meg and Tom Conners

What is a blog?

A blog is a few paragraphs that someone writes for public view on the internet. It may be very very short, or alternatively, ramble on to great length. Blog sites usually consist of 1 author (the person who owns the site and posts blogs) and many followers who may comment about each blog.

Our site is likely to be a little different in that we have a CMS (content management system) which in theory is more organized. What I have labeled “News” is where we can blog and all persons who have the designated “role” of author, editor, or administrator can post a blog. Their blog is added to the top of the list and all others are pushed down. In all ways, this could become the Courseboard !! That may or not be desirable, something we need to consider.

Changing the front page is either 1) as easy as posting a blog – as in exactly, or 2) Nearly as easy. The way I envision it, we would have the role “Editor” for any member that can change the front page.

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