Glenmar Sailing Association
  Crew Looking for Ride

2020 Crew Position Wanted

Name: Ken Mercer
Phone(1): 410-303-0635

Message: I would like to participate in some racing this, 2020, season. I work every other Wednesday so my maximum availability will be every other week, but probably less than that due to other commitments. I will be a substitute crew member, at best, but I'd appreciate some experience on race boats and get to know our Racers. If I'm available, I would be available on short notice in most cases. Best contact is email for future, scheduled, need or phone call for last minute need.
Ken, Commodore

Skippers wanting Crew

Name: Robert Little ( Bobby )
Phone(1): 4103567440
Phone(2): 410 504 4922 C
Message: Could really use an experienced head sail trimmer for my Colgate 26. Its been modified from jib only configuration to accept up to a 155 %. The spinaker has also been modified to where it will be launched and retrieved through the anchor locker w/ a belly button line to be stored down below.
Working to have her ready for an early spring launch. Bottom prepped waiting for warmer breezes to apply paint and have some practices.
Racing starts last Wednesday in April. Bobby