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The Glenmar Sailing Association sponsors races and outings for all types of boats, PHRF, One-design, Dinghy and others. Read below for a short description or click above to head to race results and detailed information about each fleet.
Glenmar cruises are designed to entertain and include all of our cruisers from children through adult. The cruises are intended to promote fun and friendship, and to encourage Glenmar members, especially those who are new to cruising, to take an active part in their club’s activities.

For more information about Cruising, contact Tod Herrick
Cruisers Cocktail Party
Glenmar hosts races and events for Thistle, 470, Flying Scot, Mobjack, Interlake and other one-design boats. Regular series are held on Thursday nights in Middle River. Click the small boats link above for more information.

For more information about Small Boats, contact Bill Lammeree
Spinnaker at Sunset
PHRF Racing

Glenmar races are held on Wednesday evenings from May through September, with one Friday night race and one Saturday race. Our courses are set up in the area outside Bowley's Bar inside of the Hart-Miller Dike, between Booby Point and Seneca Creek (familiar territory). Our intention is to have safe, fair and fun racing.

If you are interested in learning about racing and are not sure you want jump in with both feet just yet, there are many racing boats who will take you along as a crew member so you can learn the ropes and build up a level of comfort before committing yourself. If you need some help with the rules and want to learn some basis tactics there are some skippers who can help you. There are many books on the subject. All racers started as crew members or novices.'

For more information about PHRF, contact Glenn Harvey

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